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Dragon boat racing began more than 2000 years ago on the banks of the life-sustaining rivers in the valleys of southern China as a fertility rite to ensure plentiful crops. Over the years a second touching story was integrated to give the festival a dual meaning. Legend has it that Qu Yuan, the great warrior poet threw himself in the river Mi Lo, as a protest against the political corruption of the day. The people loved Qu Yuan very much and raced out in their fishing boats to the middle of the river in a vain attempt to save him. They beat on drums and splashed their oars in the water, trying to keep the dragons away from his body.

Now a modern day sporting activity, dragon boat racing has become popular with corporations and charities alike.  For companies it offers a superb platform for team building, corporate entertainment and hospitality, and for charities it provides an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for worthwhile causes.